No Pig Left Behind
Competition BBQ Team
There isn't anything better than sinking your teeth into some smoked
pork or brisket! I've been doing BBQ since about 2008, mostly for family
and friends. Then I was asked why didn't I do some BBQ competitions? I
had never thought about it much but the idea sure caught my attention.
Decided to attend the Carolina Pitmaster Cooking School in Summerville,
SC. Jack Waiboer conducts this 2 day school with a number of other
award winning BBQ cooks. They teach you about rubs, injections,
sauces, and the "low and slow" method of cooking BBQ. I was assigned
to a cooker and got to cook my own meat. I cooked hog, butts and ribs.
On Saturday, judges from the SCBA (South Carolina BBQ Association)
judged what we cooked, just like a real competition. I WAS HOOKED!
I wanted to start competing. Had to have a smoker so the hunt began. I
looked for weeks, asked a lot of questions on BBQ forums on line and
decided that I knew what I wanted. Called a couple of welders that make
grills and smokers and chose the one I thought would do the job and at a
price I could afford.

The rest is history. Hope you enjoy checking out the pictures and the
rest of the site.
Doug Quinn
Goose Creek, SC 29445